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. . . . First exhibition Vichy

First exhibition
Vichy (France)

"Strong personality that will no doubt make that 
confirmed": Jacques Deville 1956


. . . . Solo exhibition gallery of Vowels

SOLO exhibition PARIS Gallery of Vowels
Ms. Chastenet de Gery Director, rue des Saints Pères, Paris France 
and article-announcement next exposition in Chicago

Solo exhibitions Paris, Chicago, Mexico City

"The spirit of research, the technique
the virtuosity of the painter are remarkable"
HELIOS Ilo Trabujo


Announcement of the exhibition below

. . . . French Contemporary Masters


March 28-April 18, 1959
18 painters whose:

Georges Braque, Maurice Brianchon, Charles Camoin, Marc Chagall,
Roger Chapelain-Midy, Pierre-Eugène Clairin, Paul Collomb,
François Desnoyer, Edouard-Joseph Goerg, Marcel Gromaire
François Léger, André Lhote, Pablo Picasso, Jean Puy,
Maurice Savin, Jacques Villon, Georges Yatrides

"This exhibition is the first achievement is the aims

of the International Galleries to present as comprehensive

a view as possible of what is most significant in the world of art.

Displayed here are the works, of what we consider to be, a group

of the very best artists living in Contemporary France"

Samuel E. Johnson, Director, International Galleries


. . . . Solo exposition Chicago, International Galleries

SOLO exhibition Chicago Illinois, USA
International Galleries, Samuel E. Johnson Director
from 06 to November 30, 1959


. . . . Drawings and Watercolors of the French School

1900 -1959

04 to December 31, 1959, International Galleries
Masters of Modern - Art Chicago ill USA 19599


. . . . Watercolors 1910-1960

International Galleries Chicago, Illinois USA

Watercolors, Gouaches, Pastels and Drawings from the Cubist, 
Post-impressionist, Expressionist and Surrealist Schools
02 December-31 December 1960


Hommage à Henry Linard

whose friendly loyalty has ceased with his death

Restorer of paint approved of the Musée du Louvre and Historical Monuments




. . . . Contrat exclusivité 1961-1972 G. Yatridès – S.-E. Johnson

After the 1956-1961 Agreement, first application of the exclusive contract between
Georges Yatrides and Samuel E. Johnson until 1962, renewed until 1972
date on which Yatridès breaks the contract of his own will

During the period 1956-1972 Johnson - International Galleries
acquired nearly 400 paintings of Yatridess




. . . . Galerie Juarez - Palm Beach

Galerie JUAREZ Palm Beach Florida
du 21 février au 05 Mars 1963

"The importance of the artwork Yatridès is evident from the mere fact that
more than 300 of his paintings are located in US private Collections":
'Gregory Juarez'

Exhibition with the agreement and collaboration 
of International Galleries In Chicago,
in the town of Palm Beach residence of celebrities

"(...) The importance of Yatrides in the art world is evident alone from the fact that
over 300 of his works are now found in US  private collections" :
Gregg Juarez director, Palm Beach -
Exibition arranged with cooperation of Internartional Galleries, Chicago

Chicago Daily News




. . . . Solo exhibition Columbus

Exhibition in Columbus, City of historic monuments
 including the Capitol 1861, important city 
of Ohio with Cleveland and Cincinnati
"His painting are included in important collections, in every state in the U.S. and Canada. 
Collectors for his work are so numerous  that it has been impossible to collect a personnal exibition of his work. "




. . . . Nina E.- McCormack

Nina E. - McCormack
Great Scottish poet




. . . . Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires


Children game
Yatrides watercolor painting (1960)




. . . . Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires

AEC (CEA) French Atomic Energy Commission 
CEA-CENG: Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires Grenoble 
Registration of the first phases of succeeded results.
Correlative approved patents, all claims granted
ASP 1 71 - 287 JB/MT 24 May 1971
Temperature hydrocarbon components in modulated combustion
and incidence of the light emitted by incandescent variable of 440c steel
(High chromium content) thinly tube drawn under cold condition, in the core of the combustion
Conclusive initial experimentation
ASP/D 73-09/PP-ma,  july 30 1973 ASP 2

AEC- French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) Grenoble, Isère France
Temperature of the core  of combustion furnace and weight measurements 
tars issued by the hydrocarbon components
in the context of the conditions ASP 1
Positive experiences accomplished successfully
Results determinant of all patents granted claims




. . . . Brevets Washington DC Patent Office

US PATENT No. 3, 840, 028 - Oct 08, 1974 
Washington DC Patent Office - Georges Yatrides
Materialization of the phases of his research on the light at the CEA
Patent obtained all granted exclusive claims
Yatrides fundamental researches conducted at CEA - Centre for Nuclear Studies in Grenoble (AEC- French Atomic Energy Commission) in the Department of Special Applications of Physics, Paul PERROUD Director. YATRIDES work resulted in the exclusive demonstration of the theory he had developed a new property of the light emitted by an incandescent solid body of varying intensity. Its influence in many areas, including the notions of time in space. Various hydrocarbon materials were used and finally tobacco with the reactions more than 3,000 of its natural components, substances including mercury, arsenic, acetone, notably chromium and lead, so identified during high-temperature (500-770-848 ° Celsius). The solid (440c steel tube) inserted into the combustion hearth generates the search results. Components were supplied to him by Pierre LEDEZ Head of Research at Seita- French Government tobacco monopoly, by AMERICAN STEEL Co for steel  440 and PROCTER & GAMBLE Instruments elements for some analytical mechanisms. Other elements were developed under the direction of Hans RAUNER physicist logician Yatrides Assistant close, introduced in the hydrocarbon materials in combustion. Yatrides tribute to CEA, particularly Paul PERROUD Director Laboratories Special Applications of Physics CEA-AEC in Grenoble, interested in the future implications of this research who provided laboratory and dedicated specific staff. Several patents were issued to Yatrides all granted claims on the discovery of critical chemical modifications, by the harshest  Offices including that of the stringent United States Office, Germany, Great Britain, particularly honoured by the Patent Office in Washington DC, USA.

If in chemical results, only the operations leading to innovative change of the experienced substances are patentable, they may determine a new specific theory in physics, revealing some party of the complexity of the real world. "What it’s clear is not simple". 

YATRIDES chose tobacco from hydrocarbon materials, which contains inter alia, over 3000 natural elements. Lead content in tobacco has its point of sublimation vapour at 500° Celsius. The combustion of cigarettes reached 800/870°. Yatridès showed that lead vapours disturb the speed of the light (c = 3 x 10^8 m/s) that is almost identical in air.  The white light comes from the incandescence of 440c <> steel introduced into the combustion hearth, according to the correlative approved patents. The weight of hydrocarbons from three series of experiments, determines the different specific sequences related to the action of light emanating from a solid body incandescent.

In the Flint glass containing lead, the speed of the colours of the white colour spectrum is reduced, each specifically: The speed of the colour red is reduced to 1.854 x 10^8  m/s. The blue is reduced to: 1.835 x 10^8  m/s. Yatridès demonstrates that the velocities of colours no longer have the value c but moreover vary during the same spread as the volumes of vapour are moving and go dispersing.

This patent relates to determining chemical transformations of tested substances, allowed YATRIDES to develop principles that illustrate his theories. Indeed, during the cooling of the gas and dust that might also call dark matter, which would still be an error, darkness can not be measured, if not only by assessing  the lack of light. If darkness needs to be preceded by the light, it can not be the basis of the void, or its first manifestation, nor his first independent occupant. No more light may represent the void since its colors are assessable. The initial energy arisen from this void, the intrinsic vacuum, generator of the material, sometimes appears extrapolated in some Yatrides drawings, including graphics which create volumes without shadows contrast or projected shadows, drawings which, sometimes, prefigure his theories. Mara BELLER in its historic compilations studied the characteristics of the work of Niels BOHR. She reveals that its records, notebooks, research documents, contain no calculation, only drawings and fragments of sentences.
US PATENT No. 3, 905, 377 - Sep 16, 1975
Washington DC Patent Office - Georges Yatrides
Completion of the final phase of his research at the CEA
on a solid body glow from light
Patents all granted exclusive claim




. . . . Solo exposition - Galerie J Charles Lignel

Gallery J-Charles Lignel, Paris 1975 
Owner of the daily "Progress" of Lyon


Magazine "PARLER" summer 1975. 

"Yatridès predecessor": Christian Gali editor-in-Chief
"Master tumult of non common time artist": 
René Char great French poet **
VALUE safe top placed
by Christian Gali


Exhibition for sale in auction
Pierre Blache Rooms


Art critic "le Figaro" 1976




. . . . biographie dans le dictionaire E. Benezit

Dictionary of Painters, Sculptors, Designers and Engravers

GRÜND edition

"Expatriate from his native country (France) until Greece then Belgian Congo, Congo in France, the Mexico and the Mexico in France. He began his career by a  fauvist period from 1946 to 1952.  He settled in Vichy where he exhibited in 1954 and to Paris in 1956. Painter of portraits, still lifes and landscapes, graphic qualities, with personal use of perspective, in the service of light. Palette relatively sober many exhibitions since 1957 "

E. Bénézit

"The appointment of Vice-Consul of France's Stepfather Yatridès forced to pass his first Bachelor in Salonika. Then his second Bachelor in Leopoldville Belgian Congo where his stepfather was appointed Consul of France. At 26 he finds his biological father in Mexico his work makes him travel to England, the Netherlands and live in the USA ". Author's note


Rétrospective Dessins (1957-1974)




GUSTAVE Hodebert winner Académie française
'Poetic variations' on ""women  Seagull" in the work of Yatrides


. . . . Journal de Lyon un des articles de fond C. Bandieri

One of the background article with that of Claude Bandieri
in "Journal de Lyon"  big French daily newspaper

zoom a

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. . . . 1ère Rétrospective 1945-1978 La Condamine

1ère RETROSPECTIVE 1945-1978
Catalogue 96 pages consacrées à son oeuvre
La Condamine (Corenc) France

First Retrospective 1945-1978

Catalogue 96 pages devoted to his work
La Condamine,  38700 Corenc France
Press including background articles

Dauphiné Libéré

Painter "pure and hard"
one of the most quoted: 
Lucile Duc

zoom a

zoom a'

"Marie Claire" magazine

"Outstanding exhibition of Georges Yatridès, paradoxes
This painter exhibited in the United States alongside the greatest:
Braque, Léger, Vlaminck, Picasso, Chagall, Ernst, whose paintings
sell at price of gold worldwide considered authentic innovative

A must see": Marie Claire



The particular situation of the Master, thereafter, made him decline this honorific offer


Geneva SA financial group
The situation of Yatridès would refuse this interesting proposal
Proposal for international promotion with the assistance of Experts,
Art critics, media and exhibitions. Burdensome proposal including the Yatridès obligation to attend and participate in events events.




. . . . Solo Exposition - Galerie Jean Minet

Gallery Jean Minet, Place Beauvau
place of the Ministry of the Interior



Drawings made graphite-auctions




. . . . XIème Salon de Montmorency - Grand Prix de la ville

XIth Salon of Montmorency- France, 13-27 November 1981
Yatrides Grand Prix of the City of Montmorency, France


. . . . Solo exposition Suisse - La Cnesseth le sollicite

Galerie du Théâtre, Place neuve - Geneva
Tryptic "the battle of Jacob with the Angel" for the Cnesseth
"After the extraordinary success of the artwork, Yatridès will exhibit at Geneva": article by Claude Bandieri



Letter of Gweneth Vidler-Dulles
Director of the France-UK Foundation and Delegate of the Franco British Chamber of Commerce
Proposal for a foundation GY

Yatridès, stingy of his time and his freedom of expression, does not accept this prestigious offer

"At that time she wrote her memoirs, Mrs. Vidler-Dulles is particularly interested in the arts and letters. "This love of art is very rooted in me". Paris and Oxford, I organized recitals for François Landowski. Grenoble meeting the painter Georges Yatridès, Mrs. Vidler-Dulles decided to promote his painting, well beyond our borders. For her it was a revelation: "Yatridès realized where was the world today. Life is not an end but a seque". Dauphiné Libéré January 16, 1985

. . . . Collections privées prééminentes

Gweneth Vidler-Dulles M.B.E.

Ventes importantes

"Cordial mediator  between
the France and Great Britain",
Director of the Foundation France - Great Britain
Delegate of the Franco - British Chamber of Commerce . Distinction
British M.B.E. (Member British Empire). Sales management
preeminent private collections, works of master Yatridès.

Collections privées prééminentes

Large private Collections acquired from Yatridès


. . . . Vérification par l'Etat français: l'oeuvre GY en ressort valorisée


Background analysis and report on the work of Georges Yatridès
"Yatridès is in the tradition of the great masters. The qualityof his work is at the top
and by the message proclaimed: ahead of pictorial creation of our time.
He will count the number of those who have made the French Culture":
Jean-Claude Cavaillé Inspector General


"This belief may be summarized as follows:

Georges Yatridès is in the tradition of the great masters. He is placed by its quality: at the top, with the proclaimed message: forwards, pictorial creation of our time. 
This quality results the requirement that has led him to refuse to integrate into the mercantile circuit of painting. (...). Fifty years his talent is recognized in the narrow circle of specialists, on the eve of the public consecration.

It would appear so derisory, and contrary to the public interest, the administration is acharnât to arbitrarily reconstruct income to lead a recall of thousands of francs of rights, while doing this, it would run the risk of compromising the creative activity and perhaps even the life of an artist whose everything leads to think that it will count the number of those who have made the French culture" . Jean-Claude Cavaillé Inspector General. 


Exhibition of Sacred Art - Crypts of Sacré-Coeur (Paris)

Only painter to which are assigned 3 Crypts Exhibiting 10 of his oil paintings,
1 stained glass Hyalogrammique (Registered) and three metal icons (inlaid metallograms)




. . . . Salon Comparaison - Paris - Deux tableaux Yatrides promus

Two paintings GY selecte


. . . . Alexandre Bourmeyster

"Yatridès fantastic leap forward as a perception, an expression
greatly enriched and expanded (...), which is akin to an act of God":
'A. Bourmeyster' - semiotician 04.12.82 - 17.01.83

"What is clear is not simple: only a technique conducted
at the limits of expression can make a vision of the world
as complex, as fascinating, as readable":
Alexandre Sacha Bourmeyster.




. . . . Arthur Conte Historien

ARTHUR CONTE writer historian
IN HIS "1er janvier 1983"
Author of "YATRIDES Time master" biography 276 pages in 1992.

President of the Assembly of the Union of Western Europe (1961-1963)
Minister President of the French first TV channels
"Of all his genius Georges Yatridès renders us
the art of the great masters: line and light... stunning graphics
craft impeccable, serious inspiration": Arthur Conte


Letter of Gweneth Vidler-Dulles
Director of the France-UK Foundation
and  the Franco British Chamber of Commerce
Proposal for a foundation George Yatrides

. . . . Christie's Londres 22.03.83 L'autre rive - Vente record 45,864 £

CHRISTIE'S LONDRES 22.03.83 - Georges Yatrides

Painting of Gweneth Vidler-Dulles

Sale record £45,864


London sale correlative press



Richard H. Michelin "Guide Michelin" 

lets out the acquisition that he wanted


. . . . Lion's Club organisation - vente peinture pour Pologne - Vente record 120,000 Euros

Yatrides "The new scrolls" for sale
for the benefit of the myopathic children of Poland.  Paris December 12, 1983
Record sale 120,000 Euros

Lion's club 1984


. . . . Jacques CharpentierPrélude pour l'ailleurs

great French composer
Prelude for "The Elsewhere" based Yatridès canvas 
"The new scrolls"
Extracted from the original manuscript


Around the Yatridès painting,
Gérard  Lenormand singer,
Gweneth Vidler-Dulles Franco British 
Chamber of Commerce
Alice Sapritch actress
Jacques Charpentier composer,
Georges Yatridès
Revealing shock is for today already ranked among the classics Yatridès is going to be recognized by his contemporaries at the age of 50, the force of Art for a painter. 
Blandine Thibault 
(...) Yatridès is pacing in his Grenoble stronghold. (...) The success that comes to win, once more, this great name of contemporary painting, it exalts and strained him.
" It is the first time in France for sixty years as a  painting and in addition a work, has been sold at auction for as much. Rosemary BOE

Le Progrés
1 Decembre 1983


. . . . XIIIème Salon Montmorency - Yatrides Invité d'honneur

XIIIth Salon Montmorency, France -13-27 November 1983, Guest of honor
"Yatridès guest of honour"
Catalog (18 pages) is dedicated to him


. . . . Annual Art Sales index

Zürich 1982/83


Sale Master Blache auctions Rooms, December 1983






Leading article of " FRANCE PRESSE"  information worldwide 
consequential to the result of the sale for the Poland
"Yatrides went to Warsaw at the invitation of Lech Walesa and the Polish authorities. He assisted in allocating the funds. The subsequent dispatch of more than 600 tons of medical supplies, toys and fruit for children suffering from muscular dystrophy, was organised by the Lyon's club , the Rotary Club and Jacques Dechavanne collector. Since the donation was connected with art it was accepted by communist Poland, even though the merchandise came originally from the United States" .


"Arts Magazine" No. 702 1984 - "Salon Comparaisons"


DEMEURES et CHATEAUX  Magazine ISSN oct 27, 1984

Text of Alexandre Bourmeyster Semiotician and
Jean-Michel Reillier Director of mansions and castles
French-English translation

"The formal perfection of these surfaces seem to be made for
defy time. They reveal to have grain of the fabric layers
matter dealt with masterfully in a game of opacity and transparency 
. The figurative character of the design ensures consistency
internal of a set where each area is a composition
abstract, far from representing a purely decorative contribution,
to increase the perception of open space" 
A. Bourmeyster and j.-m. Reillier


City of Grenoble magazine may 1984,
article from Virgil Tanase

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. . . . Pologne 2ème voyage

1984 2nd Poland travel
"Agence France-Presse" global dissemination

Presse polonaise

Consul general of Poland token
about sale GY for the benefit of the Poland
"I would like to thank you for
your help and support for the cause of Franco-Polish friendship
(...) we appreciate your testimony of sympathy for us.


METALLOGRAMS - Metal icons of Yatridès
Louis Pauwels Director of "Le Figaro"  magazine, friend enthusiast admirer of Yatrides
Let me tell you the value I bring to your work so remarkable. This commendation statement will not prevent Yatridès refuse binding media resulting
In fact it was metallograms 
rather than oils paintings

. . . . Metallogrammes, 2ème Exposition à la Condamine


New solo exhibition in France
Condamine 38700 Corenc

04-19 December 1984
Study Jacques Mantello - designer of the metallograms
The works of Yatridès from metal icons


Thefts of paintings


. . . . Mayer, Annuaire Internationnal - Vente record 63,400$

Directory Mayer Internationnal 1984
Sale record $ 63,400


Jeune Chambre économique de Grenoble
Tribute to Yatridès for his decisive help


"AUBUSSON tapestries. Chantal Cornet works to convince Yatridès to accept the study of a series of tapestries in AUBUSSON. One of the first will be
what this fantastic sun on a horizon of Apocalypse, against which human body fragile and pathetic, think back a new world that the artist announces in prodigious strokes."
Yatridès was not fully persuaded to the point of interrupting his work.




. . . . Tzag Wil Exhibition Switzerland

TZAG Wil- nov 7, 1985


Sale painting Yatrides


Postcards and offset polychromies confused with paintings with water


. . . . Enchères dessin: record de vente mondial 150.000 Francs

Auction YATRIDES drawing

Drawing George Yatrides 150,000 Francs, world record of sale



EVAN STEADMAN,  President "Steadman Communications Group"

Private collection


GERMANN paintings Yatridès important auctions- 

Zurich (Switzerland)


La Gazette de l ' Hôtel Drouot occulted voluntarily them 
significant sales of the works of Yatridès results
Barrionuevo y Ruiz Art Dealer


Master Pierre BLACHE 
unworthy Contracting
Auction in
Master Pierre Blache rooms
Behavior highlighted by Bruno Roche
Calgary, Alberta Canada




. . . . Chambre Commerce Franco Britannique - Records de ventes mondiaux

"Chamber Commerce Franco British" 1985-86
Yatrides painting: World sales records

City of GRENOBLE magazine 1986
2001: Space Odyssey
Georges Yatridès - Stanley Kubrick:
Conseil Général de l ' Isère


WHO'S WHO Internationnal Art
Patrick Barrer Directror - letter published


You are the only one among the artists appearing
in the "Who's Who in International Art";
to have benefited of a story over 16 pages"

Patrick Barrer Director



Auction in Master Pierre Blache rooms



Dulles International Airport

Proposal for a giant metallograms (metallic icons)

. . . . Greeting from François MITTERRAND 

Greeting from François MITTERRAND 





. . . . Jean Delannoy

JEAN DELANNOY famous French Director
His proposal of a feature film on the life of Yatridès
the situation of the master will not allow him to honour this testimony of his frien

JEAN DELANNOY (Extrait de "" rubrique cinéastes)

JEAN DELANNOY (extract from topic filmmakers)

"The exceptional quality of your painting makes me decide to undertake a film inspired by the originality of your work and the elements of your own life.For me, it will be the consecration of my long career.
"Your work came in me like a sword of fire and grace". Jean DELANNOY, October 24, 1987 

A sincere friendship develops between the two creators :

"Each new day in your contact brings me still more of joy and enthusiasm. My twilight becomes a new dawn". Jean DELANNOY, November 19, 1987)."Your life and beauty of your work, the depth of your approach always awaken in me the same desire of involved me. With my deep admiration and my unwavering friendship". Jean DELANNOY, may 1, 1989
But in the State of his situation and his health, YATRIDES may not take a decision. The only regret maybe struggled or disappointed his friend Jean DELANNOY, which he regarded as the best film director French, the only one able to trace his life.


. . . . Marcel Carné

"MARCEL CARNE Yatridès offers a feature film destiny for an international, tracing his life as a painter with Anthony Quinn, Fernando Rey to the generic. drawn up by Henry-François Rey, dialogues writer honored with many awards":
Jacques Quintard producer, 1986
Presentation of the Cross of the Légion d'honneur to Marcel Carné
by François Mitterand President of the French Republic
on October 22, 1985
Speech by Marcel Carné at the price of the Imperial Praemium
(the Nobel in the cinema), to the Imperial of Japan Court on 30 October 1989, 
in the presence of Ronald Reagan and the Emperor of the Japan
The interpretation of the biography of Yatridès by financial stakeholders
forced him to decline with regrets filmmaker Marcel Carné on offer of
this great French Director


. . . . Projet Synchrotron-site du CEA

SYNCHROTRON CEA - project Yatridès 
City of Grenoble - Area of the French Atomic Energy Commissions
The project's signature for Synchrotron Grenoble


Auction in Master Pierre Blache rooms




Who's Who in International Art-  biographical Dictionary  1987-1988
18 pages in tribute to the work of Yatrides

Who's Who - 1989 - Patrick Barrer


. . . . XXXIIIème Salon du Gatinais - Montargis - Yatridés Invité d'Honneur

XXXIIIth SALON of the GATINAIS -Town of Montargis

YATRIDES guest of honour  
The 14-page catalogue is dedicated to is work

Correlative press at the Salon of the Gâtinais
Town of Montargis

"Maître incontesté de l'Art graphique"




Commander of the "Order of the star of Europe",  
"Great price of Prestige European" 
"Knight of the Order of Malta" 
Because of your humanitarian donations,
your remarkable scientific and pictorial:
His Highness serene Peter, Percy, Denis, Joseph Ghislain, CHARNAY PASLEAU

(PIERRE, Percy, Denis, Joseph, Ghislain, PASLEAU de CHARNAY)
Correlative press appointments
New Commander in the order
the star of Europe
In his situation and in addition having nothing asked or postulated
Georges Yatridès will not accept these three distinctions


ARCOLE auctions
Georges Yatridès - Humanitarian Action


Humanitarian donation to  "Liban fraternité" (Lebanon brotherhood)


Event organized by the Lyon's Club Vercors
Support media post events, delivered project


. . . . XVIIIème Salon de Montmorency - Invité d'Honneur 1978 et 1983


13-27 November 1983, Guest of honor

Discours de René HUYGUE (Arras, 3 mai 1906 - Paris, 5 février 1997) écrivain français. Conservateur du Musée du Louvre, psychologue et philosophe de l'art, professeur au Collège de France et académicien français. Il étudie la philosophie et l'esthétique à la Sorbonne et à l'École du Louvre.

Il analyse et commente le travail de Yatrides "synthèse de la peinture"

Voir Site biographie Yatrides



. . . . Chambre commerce Franco britanniques - record des prix 3.680.000 francs suisses


Record prices for works by Yatridès scale: 
Swiss francs 3.680.000 (3,960,000 US $ = € 2.980.000)


WHO'S WHO In International Art dictionary

18 pages in tribute to the work of Yatrides:
Patrick Barrer, Director

WHO'S WHO In International Art 1989
"This standpoint of the market regarding your work
has become more and more rare for a living artist and place your work
in a privileged situation": signé Patrick Barrer, Directeur

Article du "Dauphiné Libéré" concernant les records de vente et sa position majeure

Who's Who Yatridès among the elect.
Anti Picasso
"Yatridès known reluctance to speak about him (...) is integrated in the Lair of the saints of the pictorial, choreographic, cultural, literary and film world: "Who's Who in international Art" which devotes 16 pages and notes that Kubrick for his 2001 film adopted the work of Yatridès "the Adolescent and child" (1963), which has sold frs 13,000,000 Francs: Véronique Julliard 27.12.1988 - DL n°13710 
European Service departmental and Parlemenntaire (SEIMP) which brings together such writers Léopold Senghor, Raymond Barre, Simone Wiel such policies information and artists such as Pierre Dux of the Comédie Française, Yehudi Menuhin and composer Olivier Messian. This European Service, works in collaboration with the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation): Véronique Julliard 11.01.1989 DL n°13723
New Commander in the order
the star of Europe
Anthony Karpov - Georges Yatridès
chess game




. . . . Gweneth Vidler-Dulles M.B.E.

Member British Empire
Fondation Yatridès (continued)
Mail to master Yatrides
Yatridès will not accept this proposal for the same reasons that he had once in 1981

M.B.E" Member British Empire"
rare distinction




. . . . Biennales France-Canada 1987-1989-1991 - Yatrides grand Maître invité d'Honneur

Biennials France-Canada 1987-1989-1991, 48 pages dedicated to
"GY Grand Master guest of honour"

Retrospective 1945-1982
YATRIDES "Great master guest of honour"
"The mountain" July 28, 1991
"One of the most illustrious representative of graphic art":
signed Dauphiné Libéré
"The Dauphiné" 31 October 1991
The French of the FRANCE - CANADA BIENNIALS part

Under the auspices of GISCARD D'ESTAING
former President of the Republic 
Mayor of Chamalières

Province of the ten cities covered by the biennial France-Canada

Québec is the centre of the biennial Canada-France


Auction in Master Pierre Blache rooms


Exhibition Hall of ROYAT 63130, France
insurance on the exhibited works


Auction in Master Pierre Blache rooms
Painting No. 143, Yatrides fauvist period, which will be hijacked shortly after.

The Bureau of the Chamber of Discipline in Lyon
President Jean-Claude Loiseau

See judicial proceedings

Press articles: stolen paintings

The tortuous fate of a painting of master:
Christian Neyrat




. . . . Arthur Conte Yatrides Maître du temps

ARTHUR CONTE writer historian
Author of YATRIDES time master biography 276 pages.
President of the Assembly of the Union of Western Europe (1961-1963)
Minister President of the French original TV channels

"The républicain lorrain"

"Artist Yatridès of genious,
Master of time"

Yatridès master of time:
Arthur Conte historian

ISBN 2-9507049-0-5
Filing legal March 1992
Engraved in UGS a Lyon
Printed on the Presses FOT in Lyon for the Editions  "Lumière et Espace"
(274 pages - 82 color reproductions)

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Arthur CONTE - Minister, famous historian
His biographical work "Yatrides master of time"

Press the Dauphiné of November 26, 1992

Press the Parisien 23 May 1993

A. Conte presents his book


Arthur Conte statements




. . . . Biennale France-Canada 1991/1993 - Yatridés grand Maître Invité d'Honneur

72-Page catalogue dedicated to the work of Yatridès.

YATRIDES GRAND master guest of honour



 CHRISTIE'S Registre- répertoire des ventes 

CHRISTIE's Register - directory of sales
Award of a Monochrome study to water
sold as a work the more complex techniques of his Art oil
Wrong description  to the detriment of buyers not advised




Yatrides and his century - the anti Picasso :
Alexandre Sacha Bourmeyster semiotician

ISBN 2-9507049-1-3
Filing legal March 1994
Engraved in UGS a Lyon
Printed on the Presses FOT in Lyon for the Editions  "Lumière et Espace"
(268 pages - 82 color reproductions)

Distributed by the company FNAC (Fédération Nationale AC.)
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. . . . Biographie professionnelle par l'Etat Français

Exhibitions and important Dates

Professional biography
established by the French State
Tax administration
Annex 49
3938 B


1931 - 1994




. . . . Organisation Yatridés et son Siècle

Foundation "Yatrides and its century"

Organisation reconnue

Office composed of officials whose function is not relative to the politics, but the application of the Civil Code.  Their friendly role in the Organization Yatridès is the
protection against misinformation and the usurpation of his rights.

Members of the Executive Board

"Yatridès is in the tradition of the great masters.  He is placed by the quality: 

at the top and by the message proclaimed: ahead of pictorial creation of our time

He will count the number of those who have made the French Culture":

Jean-Claude Cavaillé Inspector General 

Georges Yatridès grew out of two tax audits from 1981 to 1994
(Controls 3938 B, 3953, annex 49) 
officials cited that make up the Office "Yatridès
and his century" have befriended with the Master



 information about the authenticity of Yatrides works




. . . . James Crowley physicien



This is clear on the set of a fifteen works where the monolithic slab is recurrent

This is verified in the paragraph "2001: a space odyssey"




. . . . Who'sWho in International Art dictionary


Important dates of the biography
Yatridès professionals




. . . . Cahiers du cinéma 2001- Kubrick

"Cahiers du Cinéma" (2001 Odyssee) tribute to Kubrick 168 pages
Special Edition - Clarke and Kubrick visit art galleries.
Some works by YATRIDES exhibition sale permanent during 1956-1972 
in Chicago USA International Galleries 
and its associated galleries, notably Juarez Palm Beach during 1956-1965
Clarke and Kubrick visit art galleries for inspiration
Yatrides' works vision

The screen of an other reality
34x52cm, Graphite 1961

4x31cm, Graphite study 1, dec. 1957 

Compilation purpose: Eternity

The embryo of Bowman passes through the monolith that brings him back to Earth.

 56x76cm, Graphite Etude-2, 195

Masterminded regeneration
35x54cm, Graphite 1959

"The two characters on the beach"
63 x 100 cm, Oil on canvas 1963

Works which clearly anticipate 

2001 Space Odyssey and found in Kubrick's film:  

the monolithic slab Yatridès argument,

engine and key in the film

"Cosmic living Bread"
81 x 100 cm, 1978 oil on canvas

«Christ, Leica et Orange»
92x73 cm, Oil on canvas 1963

Nude in a life
60x92cm, Oil on canvas 1962

L'Adolescent et l'enfant
100x81 cm, Oil on canvas 1963

Le petit port à la plaque
63x92cm, Oil on canvas 1965

éternity makers
65x48cm, Etude 1959

The Theorem
41x31.8cm, sanguine 1960


"Yatrides, the slab, the Bible and the Sphere": Alexandre Bourmeyster 

 professeur d'université en sémiologie 2012 
The planet of "Vibration essential" (1982) Yatrides painting foreshadowing 
of "Melancholia"  (2012) by Lars Von Trier
Background analysis on the direct influence of Yatridès on cinematographic masterpieces
of different directors such as Stanley Kubrick and Lars Von Trier
Essential vibration
oil on canvas, 97 x 130 cm 1982
foreshadowing of the "Melancholia" of Lars Von Trier film

Essential vibration
oil on canvas, 97 x 130 cm 1982
foreshadowing of the "Melancholia" of Lars Von Trier film




. . . . Dictionnaire des Peintres lui consacre 5 pages

painters, sculptors and engravers
ISBN 978-2-3502-2065-9
2008 Edition
Dictionary of painters and sculptors of Dauphiné of 15th century to our days of artists born in this province or have lived there a number of years or him have dedicated a good part of their work even if they were not inhabited it: Paul Hamon honorary Conservateur of the library of Grenoble, Secrétaire Perpétuel of the delphinale Academy. Are devoted to GeorgesYatrides

5 full pages which are still a very brief summary.

His life out of the ordinary distinguishes it from other painters of present value in the dictionary which Pierre Eugene Frederic Bonnard, Fontenay - aux Roses 1867, 1947 - André Lhote Bordeaux 1885, 1962 - Johan Barthold Jongking born in Lattrop Netherlands precursor of Impressionism died in France in Grenoble St Egrève in 1891 buried in Cote-saint-andre (Dauphine).




. . . . Lettre à la Cinémathèque Française

Letter to Mr Serge Tubiana 
Director of the "Cinémathèque Française"
no reply
Mail remained unanswered




"Yatrides, the slab, the Bible and the Sphere": Alexandre Bourmeyster  professeur d'université en sémiologie 2012 
The planet of "Vibration essential" (1982) Yatrides painting foreshadowing of "Melancholia"  (2012) by Lars Von Trier
Background analysis on the direct influence of Yatridès on cinematographic masterpieces
of different directors such as Stanley Kubrick and Lars Von Trier
Essential vibration
oil on canvas, 97 x 130 cm 1982
foreshadowing of the "Melancholia" of Lars Von Trier film

. . . . Michel Destot Maire de Grenoble à Frédéric Mitterand

Letter from the Mayor of Grenoble Michel Destot to Frédéric Mittérand 
Minister of Culture, seeking the Légion d'honneur
for Yatrides

"One of the only artists to have an official biography
established by the French Government": 
Michel Destot






"Beaux Quartiers" magazine (Beautiful neighborhoods)  No. 15 Summer  2013
Yatridès major artist:
Christine Sanchez



. . . . Trophée Yatridès aux Lauréats du Réseau Entreprendre

AFFICHES 31 mai 2013- Chartreuse France 27 mai 2013
Remise du Trophée Yatridès attribué aux "Lauréats
du "Réseau ENTREPRENDRE Isère" France

'LES AFFICHES'  31 May 2013 - Chartreuse France may 27, 2013

The Yatridès trophy awarded to the winners 
the "Réseau ENTREPRENDRE" Isère,  France
for the winners of the Entreprendre
Based on his 1957 "work-graphite"
the represented monolith is the standard Yatridès rectangle
h=b x √3
INPI n° 443587 200312  (20 mars 2012   -  1A 066 110 9979 2)  Théorème
INPI n° 512216 080714  (21 juillet 2014  -  2D 009 642 3490 9)  Applications

This discovery of Yatrides of a dynamic rectangular geometrical shape, reproducing ad infinitum by the projection of the single diagonal, makes the first intrinsic geometric standard. His mathematical modeling shows an object whose formulation opens the way to orderly dynamic geometry. When its shape is parallelepipedal,its reproduction at infinity endlessly is the cornerstone of a multi-architecture, muluti-directional unlimited in an ordered structure, in which each parallelepiped itself becomes a cornerstone. At the intersection of the segments, each of the angular points is localizable in space. The implementation of several electromagnetic fields present interesting perspectives particularly with regard to the unification of forces.


Correspondence of two scientists in fundemental research, 
Gearges Yatrides and Jean Marc Lemaitre:
The research of the intrinsic


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